Any natural, legal or a group of person(s) eligible for membership of the SACCO may apply to be members by completing an “application for membership” form, and may be admitted if they meet the following requirements:

1.Is within the field of membership provided in the bylaws.

  1. Is within the field of membership provided for in the bylaws.
  2. Is not less than eighteen years of age, if a natural person.
  3. Is not directly, a money lender or carrying out such activities detrimental to the objectives of the SACCO.
  4. Is of good character.
  5. Is introduced by an existing member.
  6. Has regular income from employment, business or trade.
  7. Has paid entrance fee and minimum shares as prescribed in the membership policy.
  8. Has understood the objectives of the SACCO, his obligations as a member and other membership requirements as stated in the SACCO By-law.
  9. Is within the field of membership provided in the bylaws.


The following are the rights that you enjoy as a member of Al Mizaan SACCO :

  1. Receiving, periodically and regularly, or upon request, and at least once a year, a statement of accounts containing the individualized record of credit and debit transactions.
  2. Attending and participating in elections within the electoral zone. Each member shall have one vote irrespective of his/her total shareholding.
  3. Electing representatives to attend and participate at a general meeting.
  4. Electing or be elected as an officer of the SACCO, unless otherwise prohibited by any other law or these By-laws.
  5. Using the SACCO services according to the policies and procedures approved by the Board of Directors.
  6. Submitting projects or initiative to the Board of Directors, for the improvement of the SACCO services.
  7. Appointing a nominee.
  8. Participating in the sharing of the SACCO surpluses.
  9. Accessing all legitimate information relating to the SACCO, including internal regulations, registers, minutes of the General Meetings, Supervisory Committee reports, annual accounts and inventories, investigation reports, at the registered office of the SACCO, subject to the SACCO policies and regulations in force at the time.
  10. Voting on all matters put before the electoral zone.
  11. Enjoying all other rights as prescribed by the Co-operative Act and the Rules.


As a member of Al Mizaan SACCO you are obliged to:

  1. Be faithful and honest in all their dealings with the Society.
  2. Observe the law, the rules and these By-laws whenever transacting any business with the SACCO.
  3. Observe the code of conduct and ethics of the Society, and in particular desist from any corrupt practices in all dealings with the SACCO.
  4. Refrain from engaging in the business of money lending in competition with the SACCO.
  5. Protect the image of the SACCO and avoid unnecessary publicity, incitement or careless talk that can injure the reputation of the SACCO.
  6. Pay your debt obligations to the SACCO without fail and save regularly with the SACCO.
  7. Seek co-operative education to improve awareness and enlightenment on cooperative matters.
  8. Inform non-members and encourage them to join the SACCO.
  9. Participate in the SACCO projects, both physically and financially.
  10. Make use of the services of the SACCO as stated in its objects.
  11. Comply with these By-laws, the Co-operative Act, the Sacco Act, Rules, Regulations and resolutions of General Meetings.

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